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Thank you for visiting aRes Travel, the premier white label booking engine.

We specialize in powering online reservations and ticketing transactions for the travel and tourism industry. If you have found this page by researching a charge on your credit card, it is likely that you have booked with us without knowing. While we book attraction and hotel partners across the US, all charges from our company will be from aRes Hotels and Tickets in San Diego, CA.

To identify a purchase made through our company, you can search your email for to find the confirmation sent at the time of booking. For all other inquiries, please email with the date of the transaction, the amount charged to the card and the last four numbers of the billed card and one of our reps will be more than happy to provide details regarding your transaction.

I booked a prepaid reservation, but the hotel charged me as well.

Some reservations require us to secure full payment at the time of booking. These reservations are locked in at their booked rate and pays for the nightly room and tax prior to arrival; leaving the guest only having to pay for incidentals through the hotel. In the event a hotel double bills a guest for their prepaid booking, our team will work directly with the property to ensure that the rate secured at the time of booking is charged to your card and the hotel’s double billing is reversed.

How do I cancel my purchased tickets?

All tickets are non-refundable at the time of purchase. If you are unable to use a ticket on your desired date, you have until the stated expiration date listed on the ticket to redeem.

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