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Our Favorite Things to See and Do at Seaworld

dolphin pool
Visitors headed to Orlando might be surprised to hear that SeaWorld is one of the most popular attractions in North America, let alone Orlando. ARes Travel has SeaWorld Orlando discounts that help ensure visitors are focused on fun, and not their pocketbook.

SeaWorld Orlando is more than just an attraction with fish; it is an all-out theme park with roller coasters, restaurants, animal shows, and more. With such a variety of things to do at SeaWorld, visitors should plan ahead to make the most of their SeaWorld adventure!

A trip to Seaworld Orlando will create family memories for a lifetime, and many visitors return because there are so many things to see and do. Below is a list of our favorite things to see and do at SeaWorld for visitors who want to make the most out of their visit.

Play with the Dolphins

The quintessential Seaworld attraction, dolphins continue to be a featured attraction at Seaworld. And why not? These dolphins are incredibly social and playful, making them the perfect aquatic creature to put on a show.

The dolphin theater at SeaWorld is currently home to the Dolphin Days live show, which is an immersive experience that includes exotic birds, music, and, of course, dolphins! The show is action orientated and high intensity – picture packs of dolphins doing synchronized tricks and skipping around the water.

The dolphin theater is located right near the entrance, and it shouldn’t be missed. Visitors may get wet, particularly if they are sitting in the first ten rows, but that is all part of the experience.

SeaWorld has also put a huge emphasis on education and conservation, and all the shows and exhibits go to great lengths to inform visitors about where their animals come from and how they are treated, particularly the dolphins.

In addition to Dolphin Days there is also dolphin cove, which is next to the theater. It bills itself as “the largest interactive dolphin pool in the world”, so who would want to miss that? Visitors can touch and interact with dolphins, or go below and see them from the underwater viewing area.

The dolphins are one of the aquatic attractions at SeaWorld and should not be missed. Whether visitors catch a show or just stop by the viewing area to touch a dolphin, this will be the highlight of any SeaWorld trip.

Experience One Ocean, the Killer Whale Show

Another SeaWorld Orlando favorite, the One Ocean show is a half hour extravaganza of killer whales, their trainers, and tricks that will leave visitors in awe. Dancing fountains, light shows, and enormous, leaping killer whales are just a bit of what visitors can expect to experience in Shamu Stadium.

The One Ocean show is located in Shamu Stadium, which is located across the lake from the Sky Tower and features many of the park’s 20 killer whales. The sheer size of the killer whales is something to behold. The whales consistently perform tricks in tandem with their trainers, grabbing treats out of their hands and obediently listening to their commands.

Visitors can reserve seats in the “splash zone”, the bottom section of seats closest to the killer whales. Obviously, visitors should be prepared for some serious moisture if seated there. However, visitors in those seats also get the best views of the creatures – not to be missed for the adventurous visitor.

For guest who are feeling hungry, Shamu Stadium has an attached restaurant. Reservations are a must if visitors want to eat and watch the show. The food is fabulous and offers options for all types of diets.

Go See Sea Lion High

Visitors with young and old children alike will enjoy the performance-based Clyde and Seamore’s Sea Lion High show. Taking the form of an actual play, sea lions, walrus’, otters, and more “act” in tandem with trainers.

The creatures vie to obtain “scholarships” to Ocean University in one day, but along the way they get into all sorts of mischief that shows off their ability to interact and listen to trainers and perform tricks. The walrus’ are arguably the stars of the show – their personalities really get to shine and often have the whole crowd roaring in awe and laughter!

This show is also interactive, and visitors sitting in the front rows can get very wet. There is also a pre-show in honor of teachers that is not to be missed. There are several other smaller, exotic creatures featured in the show as well.

Sea Lion High takes SeaWorld’s performances to the next level. Picture Glee, but with walrus’ and seals flipping around and dancing with the actors! This show is also about half an hour and is located between the Mako and Kraken roller coasters.

Ride the Roller Coasters

SeaWorld Orlando has three roller coasters that are must-rides. All feature completely different riding styles but each one is sure to scare the pants off even the bravest coaster fanatic. The Mako and Kraken are toward the back of the park, while the Manta is located near the entrance.

The Mako is the most recent addition to the park. Only three years old, the Mako is considered a “hypercoaster” because it has a drop of over 200 feet! Named after the world’s fastest shark, this roller coaster is integrated with a larger shark-themed area and exhibit for a fully immersive experience.

The Kraken is next to the Mako but is different in that it is considered a “floorless” roller coaster. Floorless means just that – riders sit in seats but instead of sitting in typical cars they “hang”, suspended in place. The Kraken is also long and nearly as tall as Mako, and is often considered one of the best roller coasters in Orlando.

The Manta roller coaster is unique in that riders are in a “flying” position when riding, to mimic the actual movement of a manta ray. There are several loops, fountains, and drops so visitors often come away more than a little soaked. The experience of riding Manta with bodies parallel to the track is quite startling to many visitors, although after a ride or two Manta is often visitors’ favorite roller coaster at SeaWorld.

See the Beluga Whales

Wild Arctic is another themed ride at Seaworld, featuring animals of the colder climes and a simulated helicopter ride that takes visitors on a short, but exhilarating, tour of Arctic animals and a polar research base.

The Wild Arctic ride is only half of the attraction, however, as there is also an incredible animal exhibit immediately after disembarking the ride. Visitors walk out of the ride into an unbelievable arctic animal viewing area. Beluga whales, walrus’, seals, and, occasionally, polar bears are some of the creatures guests can see.

The underwater viewing area allows visitors to view the beluga whales, and others, up close and personal. The belugas are often the highlight for many visitors as they come right up to the window to “chat” with visitors. Their unique appearance, from their white color to their “smiling” face, is often a hit with younger visitors as well.

The animal exhibit theme is based off of a failed polar expedition from 1845, with two life-sized shipwrecked schooners providing the backdrop for a host of other interactive features within the attraction.

Pet a Penguin!

Antarctica:Empire of the Penguins, located right in front of the Kraken, is truly a sight to behold as five species of penguins are exhibited here. While the attraction begins as a ride, the real showstoppers are the penguins themselves.

Waddling around in near-freezing temperatures, visitors will get a welcome shock when they enter the penguin area. There is also the option to view the penguins swimming underwater; many will be amazed at just how fast they can swim!

It is highly recommended that visitors pay extra to take the Penguins Up Close & Personal Tour. This is a 45 minute tour where visitors can go behind the scenes and watch the trainers interact with, feed, and care for the penguins. During this tour visitors can also interact with the penguins, and even touch a warm weather penguin! For visitors with children, offering them the chance to pet a penguin is literally the chance of a lifetime and worth the extra money.

The penguins are extremely social and are definitely performers. Many visitors have a hard time tearing themselves, and their kids, away from watching as they are just so darned cute! The penguin exhibit in general is also a great place to take a break due to the cooler temperatures.

Get to Sesame Street

For visitors with young children, the Sesame Street attraction is an absolute must. The most recent addition to SeaWorld, Sesame Street is included in the admission cost for SeaWorld.

This identical replica of the actual Sesame Street hosts a ridiculous amount of interactive activities and rides, such as Elmo’s Choo Choo Train or Cookie’s Cookie Drop, for little ones as they stroll down Sesame Street.

Characters are also everywhere, providing tons of photo ops for kids and their favorite Sesame Street resident. Big Bird even does story time in his “nest” several times a day. Kids can walk along the street and press buttons on Oscar’s trash can or ring the doorbell on Grover’s apartment.

In addition to the characters and the Street itself, the attraction also hosts a Sesame Street parade three times a day. Characters on silly cars and floats make their way down the street in a sound and light show that is not to be missed. For an extra ten dollars visitors can pay to be in the front row for the parde, ensuring extra time with the characters.

Finally, on really hot days, there is the Rubber Duckie Water Works. Basically a giant splash pad, this is a great option for the end of the day when kids are hot and parents are wanting to get out of the sun. After playing at the water works, kids will definitely be soaked so a towel and change of clothes is essential. On the other hand, there is also a regular playground for those who do not want to get wet.

Get Soaked at Infinity Falls

Another newer ride at SeaWorld Orlando is Infinity Falls. Featuring the world’s highest drop for a raft ride, this attraction is not for the faint of heart but is a great way to cool off!

Located toward the back of the park, Infinity Falls is based around the theme of water conservation. There is a heavy educational element to the ride, as visitors are immersed in all sorts of interactive displays on the subject while waiting to board the ride.

For an extra fee, visitors can opt to man water cannons that spray boaters as they pass through the ride. The water cannons are powerful and are worth the few extra dollars.

The ride itself lasts about five minutes and visitors should be prepared to get wet. The forty foot drop ends in a massive splash, and there are other twists and turns that result in some serious spray as well. Eight riders fit in each boat, so the whole family can ride together in this extremely wet – and super fun – ride.

After the show visitors can then go above the theater to view manatees and sea turtles. There is even an interactive sea turtle game in which visitors can control a baby sea turtle and try to help it get to the ocean.

During the entirety of the attraction there is a heavy emphasis on conservation and education, as with all the attractions at SeaWorld, and the staff does an excellent job explaining the perils these magnificent creatures face in our world today.

TurtleTrek attraction

See the Turtles in 3D

The TurtleTrek attraction is actually a 360-degree dome theater that projects in 3D. And if that isn’t cool enough, there are tanks within the theater with actual sea turtles swimming around!

The TurtleTrek theater is a fairly recent addition to SeaWorld and one of the most technologically advanced attractions around. As visitors stand in the theater with 3D glasses, they can see all sorts of marine life come towards them and swim around them from all sides! The glasses themselves wrap around the head so that visitors can see marine life out of every corner of their eye.


SeaWorld Orlando is an incredible experience for young and old. There is much more to SeaWorld than fish in a tank. From roller coasters to 3D theaters to an actual replica of Sesame Street, there is truly something for everyone at SeaWorld Orlando.

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