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How to Get the Most out of My Disneyland® Resort Trip

Disneyland tickets

Getting your Disneyland tickets is the first stop to a magical day out. But with so much to see and do, how can you take advantage of your limited time? Follow these tips and tricks to make the most out of your Disneyland® Resort trip.

Get tickets in advance

Make sure to buy your Disneyland tickets well in advance of your planned trip. You can get them easily on sites like aRes Travel, and you can use them to plan your days. If you get a 1-Park Per Day ticket, for example, you might schedule your plans differently to those with a Park Hopper® ticket.

Decide what you want to do most

Going on every single Disneyland® Resort ride and attending every attraction is not possible, particularly for a limited trip. Before setting out on your journey, consider what you would like to do the most, and determine a few items as your highest priority.

Even if you do not manage to do everything on your list, planning can help make sure you get as many items crossed off as possible.

Set out a schedule

While a minute-by-minute schedule is not a good idea for a Disneyland® Resort trip, having a rough idea of your timing for the day is. You could have some idea of what you want to do for each morning, afternoon and evening, for example. Make sure to have a few different options, in case your first choice does not work out.

Magic Morning

The extra hour you can get through a Magic Morning might make all the difference to your trip. This can be included with the price of advance Disneyland tickets through aRes Travel, and will give you early access to the Resort. Getting in before the rest of the crowds lets you jump ahead for the most popular rides, such as Peter Pan.

Watch for crowds

If you see a huge crowd, this does not always mean you should follow. Crowds can make your journey from one attraction to the other frustrating and slow, and will always increase wait time. You cannot always avoid crowds, but be ready to step aside or head in a different direction if you can.

Stay close

Staying in accommodation close by to the Disneyland® Resort means additional time each morning and evening. You will not have to leave your accommodation too early to get in line at the Resort, and you do not have to worry about a long trip back as the evening grows later.

Arrive early

Most guests will not want to get up too early while on vacation. If you want to get as much as possible out of your trip, however, it is best to arrive well before the Resort opens. Early arrival is advised even if you are not trying to get into a Magic Morning.

Going early in the morning can also add to your overall enjoyment. Waiting for the rope to drop can be an exciting lead up to the start of your day at the Resort.

Get Disney FASTPASS®

Disney FASTPASS® is a great chance to get ahead of all those long lines. This comes included with Disneyland tickets. Once you are in the Resort, FASTPASS® allows you to book a return time on FASTPASS® machine. You can then use the pass to access a shorter line during the return time.

Because you can only get a certain number of FASTPASS® tickets on a given day, try to use them wisely. They will be most useful for popular rides with long lines, at busier times of the day.

Know how to use your FASTPASS

You can only get one FASTPASS® at a time per person, and you must wait two hours before getting the next one. If you do not use the ticket during the return time, you might not be able to use it at all. Some reports say you can be a little late and still use it, but there is no guarantee.

Once you get used to the FASTPASS® process, you can take advantage of it. For example, you might be able to get a fastpass ticket for a ride near to the one you are waiting in line for, so you can go from one to the next quickly.


MaxPass can be downloaded onto your phone for $10 after you enter the Resort. This allows you to book your FASTPASS® digitally, and could be well worth the money in the time you are able to save. MaxPass also gives you an unlimited number of PhotoPass pictures.

Start with popular rides

Disneyland® Resort is often at its quietest during the early morning. Try heading for the lines that have the longest wait, like Peter Pan or Indiana Jones, early on. Although these will often still have a sizable line, it will be much longer once the later crowds arrive.

If you have a multi-day ticket, like those offered at aRes Travel, you can plan what to do on each morning. You might choose a different, popular ride for every morning at the Resort, getting them all in by the time you leave.

Plan to stay late

Evenings at Disneyland® Resort are especially magical. You can enjoy the night-time shows, fireworks, and more. Including the evening in your plans can also give you more time for rides, attractions and shopping.

Share responsibilities

If you are visiting Disneyland® Resort with a large group, or with children, it can be difficult to do everything all together. For example, you might want to make someone in charge of finding the bathroom, while someone else coordinates your next FASTPASS® tickets.

Those with children might be able to divide their rides up, each taking a turn to go on restricted rides while the other parent looks after the kids.

Use the single rider line

The single rider line allows you much quicker access to the ride of your choice. This means you must be willing to ride next to strangers, but can end up saving you a lot of time throughout the day.

Watch shows later on

The evening and night-time shows can often be crowded at the first showing. This means it can be a good idea to watch the later showing, provided there are two available. During the first time slot, there might be fewer crowds elsewhere, and you can take advantage of the potentially shorter lines for rides.

Pack carefully

Whether you are planning a single day or multi-day trip, make sure you pack carefully. Check the weather forecast in advance, as you might need gear for rain or sun.

For each day you spend at Disneyland® Resort, you should also pack carefully. Take the essentials like water in a non-glass bottle, sunscreen, a small first aid kit and a power bank for your phone, but do not overpack. A small backpack or waist bag is perfect, as it leaves your hands free.

Comfort is key

Dress as comfortably as you can. Dressing with themed outfits can be fun, but your accessories might get uncomfortable after a few hours. Uncomfortable shoes should be avoided at all costs, as a day at Disneyland® Resort generally means a lot of walking. Test your outfit in advance to make sure you are comfortable.

Shade and sunscreen

With the time spent outdoors, either walking or waiting in line, it is best not to take chances. A shady hat, visor or cap, as well as sunscreen, can help prevent a sunburn that could ruin the rest of your trip.

Rain gear

While heading to the Resort on a rainy day might not sound ideal, these days can be quieter than others. Provided the weather is not too extreme, you can still have a great day if you are properly prepared.

A lightweight jacket or poncho can make a big difference. Make sure your rain gear is actually waterproof, as it must withstand several hours out of doors. Your shoes should not let in any water either.

Bring your own food

There may be plenty of desirable Disneyland® Resort foods you are eager to try, but many of them come with very long waits. If you get hungry unexpectedly, it is best to have some small snacks ready to keep you going. You can also balance out the fast food you will purchase by bringing healthy items like fruit or vegetable sticks.

Snack on the go

If you are pressed for time, but still want to take advantage of some of the famous Disneyland® Resort dishes, try sticking to snack items. Plenty of items are designed to be eaten on the move, such as Disneyland® Resort’s well-loved corn dogs.

Make reservations

The more popular Disneyland® Resort eateries, like the Blue Bayou restaurant, can mean long waiting times. If you decide in advance where you want to have lunch or dinner, you can make a reservation online.

A meal reservation can also help you plan your day, as you will know you have to be at a certain location by a particular time.

Get a locker

Bringing your own food for a picnic, or a change of clothes in anticipation of a ride on Splash Mountain, can be a great idea. The big bag needed to carry them around in, however, is not. Getting a locker onsite can let you keep your things safe while you have fun.

Check height requirements

If you have children, make sure to check the height requirements for the rides in advance. This can help avoid disappointment on the day.

Children of different ages

For families with children of different ages, make sure there are rides and attractions planned to suit each of them. You might include a plan to separate the group for part of the day. Perhaps the younger children could go to a show with one parent, while the older ones head to a ride with another parent.

Look out for air conditioning

On a very hot day, you may find yourself craving air conditioning. Check the weather to see what the hottest time of day will be, and plan to visit one of the air conditioned areas during this period. Indoor attractions like Great Moments With Mr. Lincoln can be perfect for this. Many of the rides at the park are air conditioned so you can find reprieve from the heat here as well.

Take a break

Making the most of your Disneyland® Resort experience mostly means saving time whenever possible. However, you also want to make sure you have the energy to enjoy yourself. If you stay on y0ur feet for the whole day, you can get overtired by the evening.

Plan to take breaks every once in a while, maybe by sitting and watching a show or stopping for a coffee. This can keep you going until the end of the day, and means you will not be too tired for the next day’s activities.

Use transportation

To save some time and energy as the day goes on, try incorporating one of Disneyland® Resort’s many transportation options into your day. The monorail is always a good choice, and the steam train can be a fun addition to the day.

There are also alternative forms of transportation along Main Street U.S.A. and Buena Vista Street, like street cars, fire engines and Red Car Trolleys.

Have a list of opening and closing times

Do not get caught off guard by closing times. Make sure you know what time the rides, shops Disneyland® Resort itself closes. Make your way to your final activity, ride or attraction with some time to spare so you do not have to rush.

Check for closures

Construction-related closures for certain areas may result in disappointment when you arrive at Disneyland® Resort. Check in advance to see whether any rides or attractions will be closed during your trip.

Shop later

If you want to grab some souvenirs for your trip, leave them until later in the day. The stores on Main Street U.S.A. and Buena Vista Street are open later than the rides, and you can shop on your way out.

Shop online

For those who do not want to wait before they get their themed hats or shirts to wear around Disneyland® Resort, try ordering online beforehand. This gives you the chance to shop around, and saves time you could be spending on rides or at shows.

Hold your purchases

If you shop earlier in the day and are not staying at Disneyland® Resort, you will not want to carry your packages around on every ride. Instead, speak to a cast member about having your packages held until you leave.

Get in a late line

As closing time approaches, remember the rides themselves only close once the line has finished. If you get in line for a ride just before closing time, you can stay until you have gone on that ride.

Do not leave it too late to get in line, as these stop accepting guests at closing time. Also, it is best to avoid Space Mountain’s closing time line, as this can draw huge crowds.
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