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Top 12 LEGOLAND® California Rides

LEGOLAND® California Rides

LEGOLAND® California has some of the best family-friendly theme park attractions in the state. Located just 30 minutes north of San Diego in Carlsbad, there are many draws for both children and fun-loving adults. It can be a great addition to any theme park vacation in California. The following are some of the best rated and best-loved rides to try.

12. Pirate Reef Riders

This should be a favorite with any visitors to the park during the heat of summer. The ride is known for its thorough soaking of any visitor who takes part. Make sure you are wearing clothes that can get wet, and have either protected your electronics or left them behind with another member of your group.

The ride is laid out with a circular track style chute. This includes a lift hill, for an added thrill element. The lift itself is not very high, being only 25 feet, but the drop is sufficient to create a large tidal wave effect.

Not only does the splashdown affect the riders, but it also soaks those watching from the surrounding bridge area.

One of the most fun and unusual elements of the ride are the two Lego-style pirate ships that flank the chute. They are armed with water guns, allowing guests to fire on those on the ride, as well as across space at the other ship.

11. Knights Tournament

This ride is known for the feature that allows the riders to control their experience. Riders are able to choose their level of thrills before the ride starts, with levels going from 1 to 5. Some might choose to start on a lower level and work their way up with multiple rides.

This is a “robo-coaster”. The ride is a set of seats attached to a large robotic arm, which moves the riders around. The higher the level you choose, the more intense the movement. Level 5 involves many spins, flips and other thrilling gravity and acceleration based sensations.

The ride is intended to have a medieval theme, the idea being that the ride itself is a knight’s quest. While the ride itself does not have the narrative element of many other rides in the park, the surroundings help with the theme. The Lego castle and other visual features such as dragon are set around the ride, to help the aesthetic. The arm also holds riders out over a moat.

The moat below can add to the thrill of the ride itself. At certain points, riders may be suspended over the water or dipped toward it as though they are about to be submerged.

10. Technic Coaster

This is also referred to as the test track and is the fastest ride at LEGOLAND® California. It is perhaps the most traditional thrill-based roller coaster at the park and is a popular feature.

The thrills are based on features such as drops, turns, and twists. The first drop is particularly notable, and often catches riders off guard. The majority of the ride is a play on turns and drops, with differing experiences of acceleration at different points.

This may be more popular with slightly older visitors to the park. It is worth noting the height requirement for the ride. If your child is below 42” or 4 years of age, he or she will not be permitted to ride. Those between 42 and 48” can ride with someone over the age of 14.

9. Fun Town Fire and Police Academy

The Fire and Police rescue ride is a very entertaining option for children. Fun Town is often a popular area of the park, as it allows children to enjoy the pretend-play elements LEGOLAND® California is known for. The rescue ride is especially fun.

Riders board fire and police trucks, set up along the length of a wide track. On the other side of the space, there are the rescue goals, with fires and store robberies depicted. Riders must reach these spots, perform their rescues, and return.

The Lego-style trucks are moved with the use of a pump, which must be moved up and down to propel the vehicle. Adults going on the ride with their children will often take this role.

On the other side of the track are water guns, which riders can shoot against the wall. By aiming at the flames, children can take the role of rescuer. Those in the role of police use the water cannons to aim at the robbers.

8. Driving School

The LEGOLAND® California Driving School is an unusual ride, in that the entertainment is based partly on education. Children use their own cars on a track that allows them to earn a LEGOLAND® California Driver’s license.

The cars are not on a track, and so the children must use judgment to navigate the course. The experience is completely safe but is designed to give a real feel for driving.

There are traffic signs and signals as part of the course, as well as additions like a gas station. The fun comes not only from the experience of controlling the car but also the play element of pretending to be a grown-up.

There are two courses, one for children between 6 to 13 years of age, and another for children between 3 and 5. The fact that the children can be rewarded with a driver’s license souvenir makes this ride all the more worth it. For an extra fee, the license can include a photograph.

7. Splash Battle

This is another of LEGOLAND® California’s famous interactive water rides. Splash Battle allows those on the ride itself to take control of their water cannons. They can shoot at other boats, or at those on the sidelines. Spectators from dry land can also take part in aiming at those on the ride.

The ride has a pirate theme, in keeping with its Pirate Shores location. The cars are boats, with up to four riders per boat. This can make it a great choice for family groups.

The ride is not fast or thrill based, focusing instead on the fun of soaking those in other boats and onshore. There are also some fun visuals to enjoy, including a sunken ship, a shark head, and Lego pirates.

This is a great option for those visiting in hot weather. Those visiting in larger groups might enjoy taking several boats and competing with each other using the water guns.

6. Aquazone Wave Racers

This is a fun way to cool down on a hot summer day trip to LEGOLAND® California. It is one of the rides at the park with an interactive element, as riders are able to exercise some control over their racer style crafts.

The ride is based on carousel design, with the crafts traveling in a circle around the base. Riders are able to move the crafts from side to side, which can create a fun sensation of extra speed while turning.

In addition to the splashing water beneath the riders, there are sudden blasts of water ready to add an additional soaking. You can turn the craft to avoid these, as part of the interactive element of the ride. However, those visiting the park on a very hot day may prefer to turn into the jets of water whenever possible.

While not a fast and thrill based ride, this is a very popular attraction. Guests are guaranteed to get their shoes and lower legs wet, which is often pleasant on a hot day. Children may find control of the craft particularly exciting, although smaller children must be accompanied by an adult.

5. Coastersaurus

This roller coaster is particularly appealing to those who are real fans of the Lego toys themselves. While many of the park’s attractions are based on impressive structures made in the Lego style, this one may be the best at showcasing it.

The roller coaster travels past a number of dinosaurs constructed out of Lego, with a jungle-themed plant surrounding. Riders can also get a close-up view of some of the dinosaurs while waiting for the ride.

The ride itself is quite small, and very short. This makes it a perfect option for very young or inexperienced riders. There are some fun turns and a shallow drop at the start, but the track itself lasts just over half a minute. Because of this, riders get to go around twice for a full minute run, allowing a better view of the dinosaurs.

4. Dragon Coaster

This ride is full of fun visuals, with a Lego-style medieval castle location. It is a small, easy roller coaster, suitable even for younger children. This can make it a great choice for families with children who have not yet tried their first roller coaster.

The ride is split into two parts. The first section is a dark ride and takes you on a slow journey through the Lego castle. There is plenty to look at, with fun scenes and characters in different rooms, eventually leading to a waiting dragon.

The second part of the ride heads to the outdoors, where it becomes a more traditional roller coaster. There are no huge drops, turns or twists, which is partly why this may be a favorite for small children. However, there are still some fun swoops and turns for a thrill.

3. Ninjago the Ride

This 3-D ride is based on the Lego Ninjago franchise. Children might be particularly keen to try this ride if they watch the show. The ride itself pays tribute to many of the best-known elements of the toys and show, as well as including an interactive element.

This is a dark ride, which allows for some fun colorful visuals. Riders are able to fire at bad guys on the screens, using elements like lightning and fireballs. The most interesting part of this is that, in keeping with the “ninja” inspired story, riders must use hand movements. The movements are required throughout most of the ride, and can be a good way for children to expend energy.

As well as taking part in the story alongside the famous characters from the Ninjago franchise, young riders should enjoy the physical element. This turns the ride into an immersive experience for all riders. Adult riders can enjoy themselves just as much as children, although may find the movements required to be a little more awkward.

You can rack up points throughout the ride, and improve your score with subsequent efforts. As a result, many guests may find themselves going on this ride multiple times throughout their visit.

2. Lego City Deep Sea Adventure

This is a relatively new ride, and is swiftly becoming a favorite at the park. The ride takes place within a huge water tank, allowing riders the chance to experience real underwater scenes throughout.

There are several elements that make this a very special ride. The fact that it takes place in a real water tank means there are real sea creatures to view, including sharks and rays. The windows provided for the riders are large enough that everyone gets a good view of the passing wildlife. In addition, the unpredictable nature of real animals means every ride will be a little different.

As with many of their most popular rides, LEGOLAND® California has added an interactive element to their Deep Sea Adventure. As well as looking out for sea animals, riders can watch for treasure such as a sunken crown and sword. When they spot the Lego treasure, they can record their find on a screen inside the submarine.

The treasure hunt part of the ride is not a big challenge, particularly when considering some of the harder point-style interactive rides in the park. However, this can make it suitable for younger riders. It also does not distract too much from those who also want to watch the surrounding wildlife. This ride might be a nice addition to a vacation that also includes other animal-based attractions.

1. Lost Kingdom Adventure

This ride lives up to its name, with a variety of amusing features to enjoy. Riders are given laser guns with which they must battle the forces sent against them during the ride. This includes snakes, skeletons, mummies and more.

The narrative element takes advantage of the dark ride, with the Lego design offering a fun take on traditionally scary elements like mummies. There are a number of scenes through which the ride travels, and guests are kept entertained through the use of movement and animatronics.

The riders have the chance to interact and take part in the story, helping the hero Johnny Thunder to save the day. Guests can also gain a high shooting score over the course of the ride, adding a competitive edge.

The aesthetics have a vintage edge, reminiscent of an old adventure movie. However, the fun design and colorful imagery throughout mean both children and adults can enjoy this ride.


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