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Top 14 LEGOLAND® Florida Rides


LEGOLAND® Florida is a hugely popular theme park located in Winterhaven FL, a 45-minute journey from Orlando. Although there are many other popular theme parks in the state, LEGOLAND® Florida is a great place for some family-fun and has a large variety of attractions.

Here are aRes Travel’s picks for some of the best rides at LEGOLAND® Florida.

14. Dragon Coaster

This is one of the classics of LEGOLAND® Florida. It is based on practical effects only, but for that reason is often fondly remembered. It uses the images of Lego’s medieval and fantasy sets for its setting and is a great option for fans of the original toys.

The ride starts out as a dark ride, taking riders on a tour of a castle. You can see various Lego characters and animatronics, and a number of different scenes. After this, the ride leaves the castle and takes you on a roller coaster outdoors.

This is a great ride for families with younger children. The dark ride section is entertaining, and even elements such as the dragon are not meant to be scary. The roller coaster section is family-friendly, with mostly turns and drops. Children may be able to ride this as their first traditional roller coaster.

13. Boating School

This ride is similar to the famous driving school. It is also trackless, letting riders decide where to sail. The boats travel along a canal-like structure that winds back and forth. They must travel in a line, rather than moving across an open space, but still need to navigate the waterway.

The boats used are in keeping with the classic Lego look. They are easy to manoeuver with their small steering wheels. However, there are continuous turns for the boats to follow, requiring the riders to remain engaged with their tasks.

The setting is quiet and quite peaceful, with a shore theme featuring nautical elements such as barrels and seagulls. This may be a nice, quiet activity for those who visit on a particularly busy day.

12. Grand Carousel

This ride is at the heart of Fun Town and is hard to miss. It is a nice tribute to the old fashioned rides that led to the development of bigger thrills. The carousel is still unusual, however, as it is made up of two levels.

As well as lego-style horses, the carousel has a vintage aesthetic, with an old-time fairground feel to it. It does not move particularly quickly, allowing visitors to enjoy the view as they travel around.

Those with small children or older relatives in their group may find this ride to be a good choice.

11. Beetle Bounce

This is a rise and drop ride, which lifts the riders into the air and lets them fall to create an adrenaline rush. Beetle Bounce has an initial lift, followed by a series of rises and drops.

This is a great ride for children, although adults may find it fun as well. The drops do create a thrill, but the controlled direction may be able to help reduce first time nerves.

The ride has a fun visual theme, using ancient Egyptian imagery to match the scarab beetles on the top of the towers. Being outdoors, with outward-facing seats, it can also give riders a great view of the park.

10. Mia’s Riding Adventure

This disk coaster is based on the popular Lego Friends toys. The ride is horse themed, with riders seated behind horse heads as though they were riding. The seats are set around the edge of the disk, facing outward.

The ride’s physical experience is based on two movements. The disk moves back and forth on a semi-circular track, rising on the sides and dropping in the center. At the same time, the disk spins around.

The double movement makes this ride quite thrilling in terms of physical experience, even though the theme is very light-hearted.

The ride features bright colors and themed equestrian imagery. Riders are kept in place with a bar, allowing them to raise their arms as they ride for added fun. It may not be recommended to go on this ride directly after eating.

9. Driving School

This ride is a great stop for families with children. Rather than a track ride, the children are allowed to take control of their own mini-vehicles and drive around a replica road.

The fun comes partly from the play pretend element of the ride, with the cars taking the role of oversized toys in a life-sized game. It is an appropriate tribute to the toy based origins of the Lego franchise.

It can also provide children with an early learning experience about cars and roads. The cars must be steered so they stay on course, and the roads include various realistic features. Children must obey road signs and signals, as well as being aware of other drivers.

In addition to the grown-up feeling children can experience while controlling their own vehicles, they can also get a license. The replica license makes a nice souvenir, as well as a reminder of what they learned.

8. Coastersaurus

This is a wooden roller coaster, which has a pleasingly old school feel to it. The theme is centered on dinosaurs, with a number of impressive Lego dinosaur constructions for visitors to admire.

The ride provides a great view of many of the dinosaurs throughout its run. Being wooden, there are no modern twisting features or big thrills, but it uses its drops and turns well. This may be a good choice for children who have not ridden many roller coasters before.

The dinosaur structures are also a fun nod to the original Lego toys. The designs are interesting to view. This creates enjoyment even for those who are used to a more thrilling roller coaster experience.

7. Aquazone Wave Racers

This water-based ride is a favorite of many visitors to the park, and may often be the first choice for hot summer days. The ride is placed over a large water pool, which provides plenty of splashes. There are also jets of water that shoot up as you ride, which can give you quite a soaking.

The racers are connected to a central hub, and travel around the pool like spokes on a wheel. Riders remain standing on the racers throughout, which adds to the physical engagement required for the ride.

Although the ride travels along a set track, riders have some measure of control over their experience. The racers have steering wheels that allow the riders to swing the craft back and forth while they travel along the track.

The steering option means riders can steer to avoid the plumes of water. They can also steer directly into them if they are trying to cool off in the Florida heat.

It is not usual to get completely soaked on the ride, so make sure you cover up your electronics.

6. The Great Lego Race

This is a ride with a doubled set of physical experiences. The ride itself is a roller coaster, rather than a motion-based ride in a single location. However, guests can also don a VR headset during the ride, to turn the experience into a race against Lego characters.

The race experience has riders racing against fun characters like a surfer or a pharaoh. The riders are placed on themed vehicles, such as a rocket-powered windsurfer.

The roller coaster itself is based mostly on turns and drops. It is not a high thrill based coaster on its own and can be suitable for even younger riders. However, the VR experience is timed so that each drop and turn takes place in the enhanced Lego reality. This is a 360 experience, and the projected images will follow you as you look around, and even behind you.

Those who enjoy roller coasters and do not like VR can take the ride on its own, for a light roller coaster experience. However, the imagination and clever visual and sensory technology are what make this ride stand out.

5. Flying School

This roller coaster creates a sensation of flying by utilizing a suspended design. Rider seats are suspended below the track, rather than placed on top of it. This in itself means the ride has an extra thrill, as riders know there is nothing beneath them as they fly through the air.

The ride itself uses turns and drops to create a swooping, flying sensation. It is a relatively short ride. However, many visitors to the park may enjoy a thrill-based roller coaster set among the more family-oriented rides.

4. Kid Power Towers

This ride is another example of LEGOLAND® Florida’s use of interactive play elements to enhance visitor experience. Even the design of the ride looks based on Lego constructions, with bright primary colors and a simplified theme.

The towers are set up like a basic drop ride. With this ride, however, the riders are responsible for getting to the top of the tower themselves.

Each seat, with space for two riders, has a pulley system. Riders must pull to raise their seating platform up to the top of the tower. Once they have reached the highest point, they can let themselves drop.

The drop itself is quite gentle, and the towers are not too high. This makes the ride an excellent choice for young children with their parents.

The towers also turn as you raise and lower yourself, giving you a changing view of the park throughout.

3. Lost Kingdom Adventure

This is a dark ride and shooter combination. The interactive elements make this a very popular ride, as you can take part in the game as well as enjoying the visuals and story. The ride is based on the adventures of the Lego character Johnny Thunder, and requires riders to perform a rescue and save a hidden treasure.

Laser guns provide the interactive element, and targets are set on the ride’s surroundings. Riders can gain points by accurate shooting.

The setting is fun, with mythologized ancient Egypt style visuals, including mummies and skeletons. When riders hit a target, the surrounding set reacts, with skeleton eyes lighting up, snakes appearing, and more. This means each ride can be slightly different, depending on what you hit.

Despite some of the scarier themes of the ride, every part is designed in keeping with the Lego style. This means even skeletons and mummies look more cartoonish than frightening. As a result, the ride can be suitable for young children.

2. Ninjago the Ride

This ride is immensely popular, for a number of reasons. It is located in the Lego Ninjago section of the park and may be considered the highlight of this area by many visitors. It is a dark interactive ride, requiring riders to shoot at the bad guys. However, this ride uses hand gestures instead of shooters.

The ninja-inspired hand gestures are what make this a particularly memorable experience for riders. Guests are taught the various gestures by the characters featured in the Ninjago franchise before the ride gets underway.

In the ensuing adventure, riders can use the hand gestures to throw colorful fireballs at the story’s villains. Sensors capture the hand movements and translate the gestures to the screen, allowing the riders to join in with the ninja characters.

There are also sensory features to complete the experience. This includes fog, lightning and wind effects. These added elements make this a ride not to miss if you want to take advantage of your tickets.

1. Lego Movie Masters of Flight

This is one of the most technically advanced rides available at the park. This is part ride and part movie experience, based on the popular Lego movie franchise and its characters. Given the wide appeal of these movies, many adult and child visitors will look forward to this ride.

This ride uses a screen to present the action, with a full-dome display. This allows the riders to feel fully immersed in the story. Adding to the immersive experience are various sensory elements, including scents such as cannon fire over a pirate battle.

The scenes and locations included in the experience are taken from the first and second Lego movies. Fans of the movies will easily recognize the animated settings, as well as the characters. They may even recognize some of the voices used, as a number of the actors from the films recorded lines for the ride.

The riders themselves will experience the ride on a triple-decker sofa, a replica of the one used in the movie. Little touches like this make the ride a completely engaging and entertaining experience.

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