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What Are the Best Rides at SeaWorld® Orlando?

roller coaster’

Before visiting SeaWorld® Orlando, everyone would like more information on the types of ride and presentations they will experience there.

As well as showcasing some of the ocean’s most unusual creatures, SeaWorld® Orlando also has several rides for its visitors to enjoy.

But which ride is the best one?

The best ride for you might depend on whether you are after thrills, speed, wildlife entertainment, or family fun.

Some of the best-loved and most popular rides are listed below.


This roller coaster’s claim to fame is its status as the longest, tallest and fastest ride in Orlando. Considering the parks and attractions in the area, this is an impressive! The coaster reaches a height of 200 feet and a top speed of 73 mph.

The visual design of the ride features aesthetics of a shipwreck, with wood and coral-style elements used as decoration. There are projections overhead to add to the illusion that you are waiting underwater.

This, along with the music that plays as the train is lifted to the starting point, creates an atmosphere of anticipation and excitement.

While in line, visitors can read facts about Mako sharks. The designers based the ride on the speed and power of the Mako.

The first drop takes full advantage of the ride’s height and is exciting enough to take the breath away of even the hardiest roller coaster fan. There are several hard drops throughout the ride. You will also experience some twists and turns, including a breathtaking hammerhead turn.

There are also more shallow rises and drops, and a few slow and gentle turns that emulate the slower movements of the Mako and will also keep you guessing what will come next.

The ride drops close to the lagoon at one point, driving the theme home.

This mix of sensations makes this an unforgettable ride.


This ride gives visitors a unique experience before they even get to the roller coaster. While in line for Manta, you can view various species of live manta rays, the ride’s namesake, in the surrounding aquariums. Watching the fantastic creatures can give you a taste of what to expect from the ride.

In keeping with the manta theme, visitors are strapped into position facing down, just like a manta ray.

The movement of a flying manta ray ride starts out with an inverted dive of 113 feet at 56 miles per hour. There is also a corkscrew and a pretzel loop to add to the motion of a manta navigating through the water.

flying manta ray ride
For much of the ride, the train flies low over the surface of the water, almost as though it is about to dive beneath it. Two of the most memorable features are a plume of water that activates as the trains move closer, and a waterfall you miss by mere inches.


Most visitors consider the image of the Kraken over this popular staple an iconic representation of SeaWorld® Orlando.

The trains associated with the image are floorless and open, adding to the sensation of thrill and danger for riders. Those who are unused to thrill rides may prefer to start elsewhere.

The Kraken had VR headsets for a short time beginning in 2017 when the park rebranded the ride as “Kraken Unleashed” but, these have since been removed.

The Kraken is known for the series of loops, rolls, and inversions following its drop. The ride starts with a straight drop, moving quickly into a massive vertical loop. Individual sections of the ride have a number of these features one after the other, creating a dizzying experience for riders.

The zero-g roll and cobra rolls both add to the flying sensation along parts of the track. There is a brake run on the track, slowing the ride for a few moments, before the speed picks back up again.

Notable parts of the ride include subterranean sections, including the “Kraken’s Lair.” These add an extra dimension to the experience and allows the final corkscrew to catch riders by surprise.

Journey to Atlantis

This water coaster continues the aquatic experience visitors expect at SeaWorld® Orlando. It takes riders on a journey to the mythological, sunken city of Atlantis, using boat style train cars with wheels on the bottom and sides. You can enjoy the experiences of a roller coaster and flume ride.

The coaster starts as an exploration of the city of Atlantis. Riders move through a beautifully themed sunken city, with music and lighting adding to the atmospheric thrill. Fountains, columns, and courtyards then give way to a rise in the track, as you move into the next part of the ride.

A splash drop starts the next section of the ride. Riders travel through some outdoor rises and drops before heading back inside for a few final twists and turns in the dark.

The current versions of the ride have less of a narrative element than it did previously when it featured a story of a siren calling the riders into the city. However, the surroundings of the city and the stunning design make this a fantastical journey for all.

Infinity Falls

If you need to cool off and don’t mind getting a little wet, Infinity Falls is a great choice. The thrills rely on the height of the drop, which is the tallest on any rapids ride. The rapids themselves are also a significant feature of Infinity Falls and create a fun and intense experience for riders.

The theme of the ride is based on a South American aesthetic, leaning on the appearance of a rainforest. The ride itself then emulates a jungle river rafting experience. The rafts are circular, with seats facing the center, but all riders will get a good view.

The ride starts by passing through a waterfall, splashing all riders right at the beginning. The rapids continue after the first drop, with jets and walls of water soaking all riders thoroughly.

This may be the best ride to consider if you are visiting in the heat of an Orlando summer.

The finale of the ride is the record-high waterfall drop. This follows the white water rapid experience, which allows you to build your excitement up to one final push. While the 40-foot drop may not be high in comparison to traditional roller coasters, its inclusion on a water ride is impressive.

Super Grover’s Box Car Derby

This is one of the new features SeaWorld® Orlando introduced as part of its Sesame Place section, a Sesame Street-themed attraction for children. Super Grover’s Box Car Derby is a traditional framed roller coaster but is suitable for children and adults alike. It was previously known as the Shamu Express but has been rethemed.

The ride is brightly colored and child-friendly, with a voice-over from Grover at its introduction. The cars are based on a boxcar design for a nostalgic feeling, each featuring different Sesame Street character designs. The ride is only a couple of minutes long and doesn’t approach the fast speeds of traditional roller coasters.

There are several classic roller coaster elements on this ride. This includes a traditional drop start followed by turns and a few twists, with a smooth, sloping design.

The reduced size and slower speed of this ride makes it a great choice for someone who has never ridden a roller coaster.

Cookie Drop

This ride is another of the re-themed rides that previously belonged to the Shamu’s Happy Harbor section of the park. This was formerly known as the Flying Fiddler, based on a design of a Fiddler Crab. Now, it is a tribute to the Cookie Monster, one of the most recognizable characters in the Sesame Street franchise.

The tower is themed with a cookie motif, complete with a spilled cookie jar at the top. Riders are lifted into the air, then dropped in a series of bounces back to ground level. The cookie-style benched seating allows young riders to imagine they are on a cookie falling from the jar.

The ride does not take very long. There are only a few seats available for each drop, so only one group can ride at a time.

While the 20-foot rise may not offer much to adult visitors seeking thrills, small children and families often love this ride. The dropping, bouncing sensation is enough to create a little, breathtaking moment for small visitors on their first theme park visit.

Elmo’s Choo Choo

This ride is another that might be the first stop for families with very young children. The train ride experience is short and simple, offering an option to those with children who cannot go on larger rides.

If you have a child too small to sit up without help, you can ride alongside them in the train car. If your child can sit alone, you may find this a good chance for them to take their first solo ride.

The train runs through a garden, giving the children a chance to look at surrounding cartoon-style wildlife like snails or butterflies. A voice-over from Elmo talks to the children and gives them clues when new creatures can be seen in the garden: The ride is like the old game “I spy with my little eye…”

Elements of natural education, wildlife appreciation, and the appeal of the popular titular character could make this a favorite for parents and children.

Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin

This ride is very popular. As well as a ride through the attraction’s tunnels, the visitors follow the story of a penguin named Puck.

Visitors have the option to choose between a “mild” and “wild” version of the same ride, which determines how much movement you will experience throughout. Most of the ride takes place through an ice cavern style system of tunnels, with featured videos of the penguin Puck to watch as you.

The ride is trackless, utilizing seated teacup style platforms that spin as they travel. As well as the spinning motion, visitors can be entertained by the sculptural elements of the ice caverns, brightly colored lights, and soundtrack.

There are educational elements throughout the ride, starting with a presentation on the penguins with a narrator chronicling the story of one penguin named Puck.
At the end of the ride, you can view real penguins!

This ending combines the wildlife-based entertainment staples of SeaWorld® Orlando with their new focus on exciting rides.

Wild Arctic

This offers a very different experience to the roller coasters for which SeaWorld® Orlando may be better known. It is a helicopter simulator ride that lets you take the place of a pilot on the way to the North Pole. There is a narrative element to the “journey,” as well as visual sweeps of a simulated North Pole landscape.

This does not have the big thrills of a colossal roller coaster but allows visitors to enjoy the animals and education SeaWorld® Orlando has to offer. Younger visitors might enjoy the flight simulation. However, if any visitors suffer from motion sickness, it may be better to miss out this part of the experience.

Following the simulation, visitors can see animals such as beluga whales and polar bears in an animal exhibit. The simulator turns the presentation into a creative experience, in which you become an explorer visiting the animals in the wild.

There are definite similarities between this ride and Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin. Those who are interested in SeaWorld® Orlando’s animal exhibits may find this type of experience to be perfect for their trip. However, you can attend the animal exhibit without taking part in the simulation if you prefer.

If you want to experience the thrill of these rides, call 1 (800) 434-7894 (international callers use +1 (619) 546-5622) to speak with an aRes Travel planning expert seven days a week, or book online now.


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