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How Much Time Should We Spend at SeaWorld® Orlando?

Orlando offers a wide range of theme parks, so families often find themselves pressed for time as they try to explore everything. SeaWorld® Orlando discount tickets make it possible to visit multiple times and enjoy everything the park has to offer, but how many days do you need to visit the park?

The answer varies somewhat depending on the ages of your group’s members, as well as their interests. While some groups will be satisfied with just one day at SeaWorld, the park’s exhibits, rides, and shows are difficult to pack into less than two days.

Remember: it’s better to take your time and make the most of your visit, especially if you’re coming all the way from out of state. Even if you’re a local, don’t rush through the park, especially if you’re visiting with small children.

An Abundance of Shows.

SeaWorld® Orlando is most famous for its animal shows, and with the variety of animals there, you could spend most of the day just watching shows. Since the shows are so popular, make sure to arrive at the show at least 10 minutes before its scheduled start time to get good seats. This means you have less time to explore other areas, but it’s well worth it.

A few shows, like Sea Lions Tonite, are summer exclusives. If you’re visiting in the summer and want to see a limited-time show, make sure to arrive at the show even earlier to get good seats. If you’re visiting during the rest of the year, you theoretically won’t need as much time to enjoy all of the available shows.

Exhibits and Rides

SeaWorld® Orlando has mastered the art of creating family-friendly rides and exhibits. One of their most popular attractions is Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin, which parents rave about because of its mild thrills and up-close look at penguins. This ride shouldn’t be missed, even though lines can sometimes be an hour or more.

Other rides include three giant roller coasters, Manta, Mako, and Kraken, which are definitely not for small children. Thrill-seeking pre-teens and up will want to ride them regardless of wait time. If it’s a hot day, you’ll definitely want to hop on one of the water rides, too.

With 10 different rides and dozens of animals to see throughout various exhibits, you can spend an entire day at the park without even seeing any scheduled shows! If your group is full of thrill ride enthusiasts, consider spending a second day at the park so you can see and do everything you want to.

Visiting with Children

Older teens and adults have more stamina than children, but will still need time to rest and eat. However, teens and adults will probably also need less time overall, since they will likely skip the attractions designed for children.

Keep in mind that the larger your party is, the more time you will need for lunch and bathroom breaks. For groups with varying interests, it may be worth it to allow responsible older teens to break off and enjoy the park on their own for a few hours. That way, they can ride Infinity Falls as many times as they want while you relax and enjoy a dolphin show.

Remember that infants and toddlers have their own schedules, and probably won’t want to be at the park longer than six hours before they need a nap. Be prepared to leave midway through the day, even if that means having to come back a second day to fit in all of the attractions your family wants to see.

Allowing Time for Lines

While SeaWorld® Orlando is great at minimizing wait times, ride breakdowns or other problems can cause delays. Rides like Infinity Falls can be very popular, and it can be hard to predict how long a line will be on any given day. Similarly, lines for food and drinks can take longer than expected.

If you have children in your group, remember that long wait times can make them irritable – and that makes you want to go home early! You can prolong your day at the park if you bring small games for them to enjoy while in line.

Also, if you’re planning on attending a scheduled show or tour, make sure you have enough time for the wait in line and for the ride itself. There’s nothing more frustrating than being late to a show or missing a tour because you were stuck in line.

Making Time to Eat

It may be tempting to do a quick, grab-and-go meal at the park to maximize your time. However, Shark’s Underwater Grill allows you to watch sharks while you eat! The immersive experience is well worth it. You can even book a priority seating time in advance to minimize your wait.

If you still don’t want to do a sit-down meal, consider eating your meals outside of peak lunch and dinner rush. You should still allow thirty minutes to eat and avoid booking a tour or planning to see a show right after you eat, as your group members might need to rest.

Scheduled Tours

SeaWorld® Orlando offers a number of exciting behind-the-scenes tours that buddling science enthusiasts and animal lovers will enjoy. You can get up close and personal with penguins, killer whales, sea lions, and more. Tour availability varies, but these 45- to 60-minute adventures are well worth it if someone in your group has a strong interest in a particular animal.

Of course, fitting in a 60-minute tour requires maneuvering your schedule accordingly. If you want to do a tour, you may need to spend more than one day at the park to see everything you plan to. If you don’t have the time for a tour or need more flexible scheduling, don’t worry: the standard aquarium experience is still breathtaking and highly educational.

Combining with Other Parks

If you’re visiting from outside of Florida, chances are you’re trying to visit multiple other theme parks while in Orlando. It can be tricky to balance all of the park visits, especially if weather conditions are poor on one or more days.

To keep members of your party from getting run-down, consider spending two shorter days at SeaWorld instead of one long day. Allowing ample time to rest and recover in the evening is important, especially if the weather is hot and humid.

You can also check out Aquatica, SeaWorld® Orlando’s very own waterpark. This park has wave pools, kids’ play areas, and water slides in a family-friendly environment. Aquatica isn’t included in a regular SeaWorld® Orlando ticket, but you can get a multi-visit Choose Your Adventure ticket to get discounted admission to Aquatica and SeaWorld® Orlando on the same trip.

The Verdict: Try a Two-Day Visit

With all of these variables in mind, it may be worth it to do a two-day visit. Groups with only a casual interest in aquariums might not need more than a day, but groups with strong interests in particular exhibits may need extra time to get to everything. This is especially true during peak busy season when crowds both inside and outside of attractions will slow you down somewhat.

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