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Day Camps, Sleepovers, and Other Educational Experiences at SeaWorld® Orlando

Many families visit SeaWorld® Orlando each year, but there are more opportunities than one may realize for students who are very interested in sea animals. SeaWorld® Orlando offers a variety of fun activities and educational experiences for children, teenagers, and young adults that they can’t experience anywhere else.

Day Camps

High-quality, educational day camps are offered at SeaWorld® Orlando each summer. With a low counselor-to-camper ratio, students are sure to learn a lot and will immensely enjoy the experience. Day camps are geared toward preschool age through 12th grade, and each age group has different choices on what to focus on during their camp.

Preschool-age campers will attend with an adult to learn about the animals, have close animal encounters, and make fun crafts every day. Students that are in Grades K-1 can either choose to use all of their senses to learn about the sea animals or learn about the similarities and differences of sea animals. Grades 2-3 can learn about the food that sea animals eat, how they survive, or how to keep animal habitats healthy and safe. 4th and 5th graders can choose to learn about animal training and behavior, how the animals are fed each day, or all about each habitat.

Middle schoolers can learn about the different careers for working with animals. They study the sea animals or even spend the week riding the roller coasters and experiencing all the shows and encounters. The high school day camp program is geared toward those students who are serious about Marine Biology, and they spend the week learning about what it is like to be a Marine Biologist.


Group sleepovers are available for children to experience sleeping with the sea animals. Types of groups typically include schools, youth groups, and scouts. Groups have the option to choose which animal venue they want to spend the night in, from endangered marine animals to frightening predators. Based on the venue chosen for the night, the group will learn about those animals and their habitats from an animal expert while participating in fun educational activities.

Sleepovers last from 6 p.m. until 9 a.m. the next day and include pizza for dinner, ice cream for a snack, and a continental breakfast in the morning before leaving. The animal venues to choose from for sleepovers include the Dolphin, Manatee, Beluga Whale, Sea Turtle, Coral Reef at Shark Encounter, and Manta. After the sleepover ends, the group will have entry into the park for the next day, so everyone can visit the attractions and see the live shows.

SeaWorld® Orlando hosts a Girl Scout Jamboree where different troops from all over come for a sleepover. This is a great opportunity for the girls to make new friends with other troops while exploring the different animal habitats in a fun and safe environment. There will be a craft to remember the night by along with unforgettable memories. Similar to the regular group sleepovers, troops will sleep in the animal habitats and will be able to visit the park the next day.

Other Educational Experiences

There are other educational experiences available for children and teenagers at SeaWorld® Orlando, such as the Resident Camps. These camps are a week long and let students work alongside vets, trainers, and animal-care experts to see how the animals are taken care of and how they run the park each day. They will get to participate in fun activities such as snorkeling and swimming and will get to work closely with the animals. This program is available for those in fourth grade and all the way through college.

Field trips to SeaWorld® Orlando is a great educational experience for students, and these trips are also very affordable. Students can learn first-hand about a variety of sea animals, including sharks, whales, walruses, and more. Personal and up-close animal connections will be made, something that the students will never forget.

Live from Shamu Stadium is a fun, educational experience for those students around the country that can’t personally make it to SeaWorld® Orlando. Students will be able to speak over a live video with the trainers of killer whales to learn more about the whales. Different education levels will have different experiences, from watching the whales play to learning about their respiratory system. The trainers will answer students’ questions and help build inspiration for protecting our oceans and the sea life that lives within.

If you think that your student might be interested in attending one of these educational experiences at SeaWorld® Orlando, be sure to first take them to visit. There are cheap SeaWorld® Orlando tickets available through websites online, such as aRes Travel, which will help you save money on your visit and leave more available for fun.

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