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Seaworld Orlando Ticket

Top 6 Tips for Families that want to Purchase Seaworld Orlando Ticket

Taking your family to SeaWorldⓇ Orlando is a great adventure, and buying SeaWorldⓇ Orlando discount tickets can help your family save money while having as much fun as possible. If it’s your first time visiting, the different types of tickets and other details may seem overwhelming. Even if you’ve been to the park before, the changes to the park in recent years may leave you wondering what your best options are.

With the growth in online ticket sales, you probably have more options than you realize.

Getting the best deal isn’t always as simple as buying cheap one-day tickets. There are many ways to get a discount while ensuring that your family has the best experience possible. Balancing budget and time constraints with your family’s interests isn’t as hard as you think, though.

1. Go on Multiple Days

Seeing everything at SeaWorldⓇ Orlando takes more time than you think! The park has a lot more than just exhibits and shows. The three major roller coasters inside the park can have long lines, so if you’re interested in riding all three, it’ll take up most of your morning. The kids’ rides in Sesame Street Land can be busy as well, depending on whether or not local schools are in session on the day you visit. Small children get tired out quickly, so you may need to leave the park by 3:00 or 4:00 p.m. in order to let toddlers rest.

While the animal shows are offered frequently, each 20-25 minute show really takes up 30-40 minutes of your day, since you should get there at least ten minutes before showtime in order to get seats. Plus, if you want to do a behind-the-scenes tour of an animal exhibit, you’ll have to allow time for that as well.

Visiting for two or more days allows you to enjoy shows, tours, and exhibits at a more leisurely pace. Plus, it allows more flexibility in case one of your kids is tired out or not feeling well.

2. Visit Other SeaWorld Parks

SeaWorldⓇ Entertainment owns a number of other properties in the Orlando and Tampa area and getting a multi-visit ticket that covers all of these attractions is a great way to have more fun. The Choose Your Adventure ticket includes SeaWorldⓇ Orlando, Aquatica Orlando, Busch Gardens Tampa Bay, and Adventure Island Tampa. Adventure Island Tampa is a water park that is only open seasonally, but the others are open year-round.

Aquatica Orlando is right next to SeaWorldⓇ Orlando, and its water rides are great for letting the kids cool off after a day or two at other parks. The Choose Your Adventure tickets are flexible and don’t have to be used on consecutive days, so they’re great even when poor weather impacts part of your visit.

The 2-Day and 3-Day tickets are good for up to six months and cost much less than purchasing individual separate tickets, so plan in advance to make the most of this discount.

3. Bundle with Other Parks

Orlando is the theme park capital of the world, with Walt Disney WorldⓇ Resort, Universal Orlando Resort™, LEGOLANDⓇ Florida, and several other great amusement parks within an hour’s drive. While SeaWorldⓇ Orlando is great on its own, buying tickets to other amusement parks at the same time is a great way to save money and get more out of your vacation.

If you’re flying in from out of state and won’t have a rental car, Universal Orlando Resort™ is your best option for pairing tickets, since it’s very close to SeaWorldⓇ Orlando. Walt Disney WorldⓇ Resort is also close enough that a bus or hotel shuttle could get you there quickly. If you have a car, you can easily get to LEGOLANDⓇ Florida down in Winterhaven, Florida. There are also a number of smaller amusement parks, museums, and more around Orlando. The combinations are almost limitless!

4. Go in the Morning

While it’s great to bundle SeaWorldⓇ Orlando with other tickets and possibly see other attractions on the same day, this park is definitely best experienced in the morning. Going in the morning allows you to get in line for popular rides before wait times get too long. It also lets you enjoy the outdoor attractions before it gets too hot. Orlando is pleasant in the fall and spring, but summer high temperatures can easily hit 90°F.

If you want to plan on visiting another tourist attraction on the same day, do that in the late afternoon or evening if possible. Depending on the ages of your children, though, you may be better off just spending several hours at SeaWorldⓇ Orlando and then heading back for the evening. It’s better to end the day early than to try to haul overtired children to an evening show or attraction.

5. Get a Hotel

If you’re coming from out of state, you may have the option of staying with friends or relatives who live near Orlando. While this is an economical option, it can be crowded and stressful – both for you and for the host family! Getting a hotel room is well worth the cost, especially if you get one near SeaWorldⓇ Orlando so you can spend less time on the road.

Plus, you can bundle hotel rooms with SeaWorldⓇ Orlando tickets to get a discount. You aren’t limited to budget motels, either – you can stay at the best hotels the area has to offer and a great discount. You can always spend time with family and friends by going out to dinner or another attraction in the evening before going back to your hotel.

Even if you live in-state, it may be worth it to get a hotel for the night, even if you’re only going to SeaWorldⓇ Orlando for one day. Having to drive multiple hours home after a long day at the park isn’t much fun. Depending on how far away you live, though, it may be wiser to drive to Orlando and get a hotel room the night before so you can get to the park right when it opens. Check your route carefully and make sure to account for morning traffic.

6. Buy All Day Dine Tickets

Kids can get hungry at surprising times, especially when they’re running around a theme park. If you plan on staying at the park for most of the day, the All Day Dine passes to provide an incredible value. Each pass allows you to get one entree, one side or dessert, and one non-alcoholic beverage once per hour.

Though each day you’re at the park will require a separate All Day Dine pass, bundling multi-day tickets with daily All Day Dine passes can result in a significant discount. It’s a simple, stress-free way to let your family eat as much as they need. It’s also much easier than trying to eat outside the park on your way home since even fast-food restaurants in the Orlando area can get very crowded in the evening.

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