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What to Include When Planning a Disneyland® Resort Vacation

For many, going to Disneyland is the ultimate family vacation. The variety of activities and endless opportunities to create fun-filled memories with characters from iconic childhood television and movies is enough to send any vacationer into a frenzy.

aRes Travel’s Disneyland® Resort discount tickets are making a visit to this world-renowned location more affordable than ever. However, before packing those Mouseketeer hats and princess dresses, it is important to make sure you have packed the theme park essentials to keep you safe and comfortable during your trip.

Packing for Practical Fun Under the Sun

Southern California is renowned for its sunny beaches and picture-perfect weather. Year-round sunshine require travelers to adequately arm themselves with the essentials they need to avoid heat-stroke or sunburn.

These essentials include sunscreen (SPF 30 or better), sunglasses, SPF-infused lip balm, a hat or visor, and weather-appropriate clothing. Staying hydrated is a must, so bringing a refillable, non-glass water bottle helps cut down on expenses.

Please note that glass is not allowed in the parks, except for baby bottles or baby food jars. For extra hot days, a spritz bottle or hand-held fan may also come in handy.

Disneyland® Resort Vacation

Unfortunately, not every day can be as sun-filled as most would hope for when planning a Disneyland® Resort vacation. It is always a good idea to monitor the weather in the days leading up to any outdoor vacation. For those attending on a rainy day, the following items may help with protection from wet weather.

  • Light sweater or jacket
  • Umbrella
  • Poncho
  • Stroller cover
  • Waterproof phone cover

Keep It Clean

Every parent knows how messy children can be, and let’s be honest ― so can adults! The bottom line is, accidents happen.

Proper preparation is the best plan of action for dealing with almost any situation that could arise. Pack items such as travel-sized hand sanitizer and wet wipes to clean the kids up if they make a mess. For dealing with accidental cuts and scrapes, it is a good idea to bring along band-aids and antibacterial ointment.

A portable first-aid kit may be the key to minimizing time spent cleaning up after an accident and maximizing time spent enjoying the magic of your Disneyland® Resort vacation. However, if you do leave home without your first-aid kit, both Disneyland® Park and Disney California Adventure® Park have first-aid centers for guests.

Make Room for Memories

The best part of a Disneyland® Resort vacation is the memories you can make. Capturing these with a fully charged phone or camera is imperative. Bring along other items such as a portable USB charger and digital camera to ensure you have a variety of options to capture special moments at all times.

Store these items in a secure tote bag or fanny-pack. Waterproof electronics and cases are other handy things to have for those who want to protect their pricey gadgets while they get a little wet and wild during their visit.

Don’t Forget Your Documents

Picture this. The Mouse family books their Disneyland® Resort vacation package. They pack everything and land in southern California, ready to soak up the sunshine, only to realize that they have let their admission tickets at home on the kitchen counter.

Nothing can ruin a trip faster than leaving behind vital documentation, requiring a costly repurchase or having to cancel going to the park altogether.

Before your departure, be sure that you properly store and pack the following items and keep electronic copies saved wherever possible:

  • Cash
  • Credit cards
  • IDs and passports
  • Park tickets
  • Membership cards

Disneyland® Resort

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