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Family Shows at SeaWorld® Orlando

Best Family Shows at SeaWorld® Orlando

SeaWorld® Orlando has long been a family favorite. So, enjoy a spectacular few days quality family time whether your kids are tots or teens. There is so much to do that taking advantage of aRes Travel’s SeaWorld® Orlando discount on multi-day visits makes perfect sense.

Alongside the awesome rides for thrill seekers such as Manta or Wild Arctic® there are a host of fun shows. Whether you are looking for cute classics or brand-new adventures, you will not be disappointed. By taking advantage of the SeaWorld® Orlando discounts that aRes Travel offers, you can extend the fun.

Dolphin Days

Dolphin Days is an amazing opportunity for the whole family to learn about the natural world. Featuring an explosion of tropical birds in the skies and fun, friendly dolphins who come together to make a magical show. Alongside the lovable creatures participating are their trainers. These animal care specialists give the guests an in depth look at how they work together day-to-day.

Sea Lion High: The New Class

This is a brand-new show featuring the park’s famous sea lions Clyde and Seamore. A super fun take on a day at school where our cheeky friends have to try and gain their diplomas. The performance is interactive and contains sections with charming audience participation. As well as the sea lions the splash-centric show features Opie the otter making mischief as the class clown. Little and not so little ones will fall about with laughter during this popular new show.

Sesame Street at SeaWorld® Orlando

An awesome new experience is now open! As well as being able to walk with your family along the famous street you can see your favorite friends in person. Although it’s not a performance, the Sesame Street Party Parade is a show in itself. Move and groove with Grover, Elmo, Big Bird and your other Sesame Street buddies as they cruise up the street in SeaWorld’s first ever parade. Keep an eye out for the enchanting surprises we have in store as the whole family enjoys the spectacular colorful floats on wheels.

Pets Ahoy

These furry critters have got to be the cutest in town. Conceived as a demonstration of the close relationship between the animals and their carers, it shows off how clever our furred and feathered critters are. Potbellied pigs are the favourites of the show, but the chuckles they provide are not all that’s going on. Pets we are used to seeing in our homes, such as dogs and cats join doves and ducks to show that even animals, we know well can surprise us.

Touch the Sky

New for summer is Touch the Sky, a spectacular designed to celebrate our beautiful planet from the oceans to the heavens. Come to the Dolphin Theater for this evening show which features a variety of wonderful animals that live at SeaWorld® Orlando. Groove to the vibrant summer beats as you watch the playful dolphins leap high into the air as rainbow macaws swoop overhead. This show is a perfect end to your balmy evening at the park, the whole family will love it and the energy it creates. Make your way home bopping to the music and ready to come back for another day of fun. aRes Travel can help you plan the best way to timetable your SeaWorld® Orlando vacation and seek out the best discounts.

One Ocean

One Ocean is the signature SeaWorld classic show and has visitors coming back to visit again and again. The awe-inspiring killer whales that make their home at SeaWorld® Orlando will take you on a journey into their world. Music and color draw you all into the rhythms of the seas and the orca in the show add a touch of drama to the story. Watch where you sit though; the soak zone could immerse you in more ocean than you expected!

Killer Whale Education

There is also an extra special show, the Educational Killer Whale Show. This performance is all about learning about the whales that roam the oceans. Orca and other species of whales live at SeaWorld® Orlando and visitors can enjoy understanding more about them during this 30-minute presentation. Animal experts present information about the whales’ habits, behavior, and environments, and older children especially will enjoy the behind the scenes glimpse at these majestic beasts.

Shamu Celebration: Light Up the Night

A highlight of every visit to SeaWorld® Orlando has to be Shamu Celebration: Light Up the Night Experience. This evening show is a firm favorite already and replaces the popular Shamu Rocks show. The Shamu Celebration is the final show of the evening, which usually begins at 9 pm. To get the most out of your days, you can take in the shows and make sure the kids are well fed and ready to dance by buying the aRes Travel SeaWorld® Orlando discount ticket packages which is valid for one day admission plus all-day dining. There is definitely time to grab a bite before this evening celebration begins.

Taking place in the Shamu stadium there is some fun preshow entertainment in the form of music from the ‘60s to the ‘90s and a camera which catches enthusiastic visitors dancing and projects them up onto the big screen. The in-house DJ kicks off the evening’s program with awesome energizing sounds to prepare you for this dynamic spectacular. Specially designed backdrops and a light show form a big part of the evening, but the star of the show as ever is Shamu.

The magnificent orca performs his signature fabulous jumps out of the water soaking visitors with ringside seats and splashing many others. Other aquatic performers such as dolphins and other whales twist and turn, dive and twirl through the water to the amazement of the audience. There are also laughs to be had as the dolphins clown around in the water showing off.

The grand finale of the show is the spectacular fireworks and a fabulous and fitting end to the show. The colors and music ensure the show is a high-octane party from start to finish.


A visit to SeaWorld® Orlando is a truly round the world aquatic experience which kids and adults will all enjoy. There are so many great shows to take in to understand and appreciate the beauty of our seas and the animals that live in them. From laughter at Clyde and Seamore to getting drenched by the orcas, there are so many fabulous productions to see. Just one visit will not be enough!

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