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Cedar Point

How Long Does It Take to Visit Cedar Point?

If you have already taken advantage of one of the fantastic Cedar Point ticket deals available at aRes Travel, then you are probably looking forward to planning your ultimate trip to the amazing rollercoaster park.

With the various can’t-miss rides, attractions, dining options, live shows, and, of course, rollercoasters available at the park, managing your time so you can maximize your trip and do, see, and taste it all can be a challenge.

At aRes Travel, we understand: You want to do everything you can to squeeze as much as possible into your visit, which is why we’ve put together this handy guide.

Check out these tips and tricks for making the most of your Cedar Point tickets.

Don’t forget Cedar Point’s water park

When planning your trip to Cedar Point, especially in the heat of summer, don’t forget to make time for Cedar Point’s Water Park, Cedar Point Shores.

For the thrill seekers in your group, the extreme rides don’t come to an end when you leave the main park and head to Cedar Point Shores, where you’ll find water slides like the Point Plummet, a heart-thumping six-story drop.

If that sounds like a bit too much fun after a morning spent of white knuckling your way through some of the world’s biggest rollercoasters, try your luck at Cedar Creek instead, a relaxing lazy river that meanders through the center of the water park.

When purchasing your tickets through aRes Travel, you have the option to choose a bundled admissions package to both parks for a discounted price. Or, if the water park is the main pull (or pool?) bringing you to Sandusky, Ohio, you can take advantage of aRes Travel’s exclusive Cedar Point Shores only tickets for a full day of discounted admission to this expansive 18-acre section of the park.

Consider your travel buddies

travel buddies

One of the most significant factors for deciding how long it’s going to take to visit Cedar Point is taking into account just who you are traveling with.

Couples and small groups of adults can get through the park reasonably quickly and, with an early start, a bit of gumption, and aRes Travel’s Straight-to-Gate tickets that allow you to skip admissions lines, you may be able to make it through the entire park before closing.

Visiting the park with younger children is likely to make your rounds go a little bit slower. Between the extra bathroom breaks and snack sessions, those little legs may not keep up with your planned itinerary.

And that’s okay! Chances are if you’re traveling with young children, you already know your schedule is not their highest priority. Instead of sweating making your 11:00 am appointment at the Snoopy Bounce in Cedar Point’s beloved kiddie ride section, focus on just how much your little ones are enjoying their day.

After all, with the incredible savings aRes Travel offers, you can always pick up another set of discounted tickets and leave the kiddos with a sitter for a solo parent’s trip to Cedar Point later in the season.

Pack a picnic lunch

Chances are, you’ll be having too much fun to think about stopping to eat, but if you want to have the energy you need to power through a full day at this impressively-sized park, you are going to need to stop at least once to grab a bite to eat.

There are a plethora of dining options available at the park that offer fast and delicious food for a quick pit stop before getting back to the rides.

However, keep in mind the lines at the popular food stands are bound to get longer around meal times, and getting stuck in line while waiting for your meal is sure to cost you some precious time.

To avoid the lines, eat at off-times when the food stands are less busy, such as a late lunch at 2:30 pm or an early 4:30 pm dinner.

The park allows visitors to pack and bring in their meals, which can save you big on time and money, and there are various pavilions and established resting spots where you can relax and enjoy your pre-packed meal. Of course, the drawback to this method is that you’ll either have to lug your lunch through the park or head to one of the park’s secure locker locations to rent a locker for your bag or cooler.

Instead of carrying around your lunch, another possibility is to order pizza from one of the local restaurants. With this tactic, however, timing is key, and you’ll have to manage your time correctly, so you’re not left standing around waiting for your delivery guy for too long.

Why not extend your stay?

When it comes down to it, with aRes Travel’s 2-Day Admission, Any Park, And Day deal, there is no reason to rush your trip to Cedar Point.

This awesome deal grants admission to Cedar Point and Cedar Point Shores water park for two days during the 2019 season for one low price! Even better, the two days you choose do not have to be consecutive, and you have the option to hop from Cedar Point to its adjacent Cedar Point Shores water park as often as you please on either day.

This exclusive package from aRes Travel is valid for any day during the May 25th to September 2nd season, as well as the Halloween Haunt. That means you can strategically pair an early spring, off-season visit and return later in the season to take advantage of shorter lines and cooler weather.

Hotel lodging near Cedar Point for overnight stays

If a two-day pass to the park with a hotel for the night sounds like the kind of Cedar Point ticket deal you are looking for, then you are in luck!

When you book aRes Travel’s Cedar Point Hotels and Tickets Package, you have the option to choose from one of 34 exclusive hotels that are so conveniently locate; you’d only be closer if you slept in the ticket booth.

Plan your trip with aRes Travel

No one gets you to your favorite theme parks faster than aRes Travel, and with our incredible Cedar Point ticket deals and this handy planning guide, your next visit to Cedar Point is sure to be the best and most efficient one yet!

For the best deals on Cedar Point tickets, the lowest prices on packages and hotels, and amazing savings on travel, call 1 (800) 434-7894 (international callers use +1 (866) 731-7511) to speak with an aRes Travel planning expert seven days a week, or book online now.

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