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Buy Discounted Disneyland Tickets

What Are Some of the Ways You Can Buy Discounted Disneyland Tickets?

No matter how old you are, Disneyland tickets are a fantastic way to send you and your loved ones on an unforgettable adventure. DisneylandⓇ Resort is world-famous for a reason, and the nostalgia and thrills will help you make memories that last a lifetime. The parks’ wide range of attractions make it perfect for a multi-generational family outing, and discount tickets make that idea even more affordable.

Buying tickets directly from DisneylandⓇ Resort is the most obvious option, but there are discounts hidden in other places as well. Unfortunately, ticket fraud is on the rise, and even well-meaning sellers can accidentally sell you expired or invalid tickets.

Authorized, reputable retailers can walk you through the best types of discounts for your itinerary and get you the discount tickets you want. They’ll know about the off-season discount tickets and multi-day discounts that can get you everything you need and more. A savvy discount ticket seller can help make your budget vacation a world-class adventure.

Multi-Day Discounts

Since DisneylandⓇ Resort consists of two different parks, you should definitely spend at least two days at the resort if at all possible. Both DisneylandⓇ Park and Disney California AdventureⓇ Park have a great selection of roller coasters, water rides, thrill rides, and more. Kids will want to visit all their favorite movie-themed attractions at each park, and since there are kids’ rides at each park, you’ll want to spend at least a full day at each.

You can get 2- to 5-day multi-day passes, and the per-day discount grows with each additional day you add. This is a great way to maximize the time you can spend at each park without breaking the bank. With the number of rides, shows, and other attractions at each park, you can easily spend at least two days at each. Plus, multiple days helps you increase your chances of seeing your family’s favorite characters.

So while buying a single-day ticket provides the cheapest DisneylandⓇ Resort experience, you’ll end up leaving without seeing the full experience that the parks have to offer. With two different parks to explore, a multi-day ticket will make the adventure much more satisfying.

Buying Online

Instead of waiting to buy your tickets somewhere in-person, buy your tickets online to access a wide range of discounts at your convenience. You can buy from trusted sellers like aRes Travel who sometimes have limited-time offers that the park won’t tell you about. Look for sellers with the Authorized Seller logo on their sales pages.

While some online ticket sellers simply sell whatever tickets they can, others specialize in theme park and tourist attraction tickets. These specialists can quickly and accurately answer any questions you have about the different types of tickets, expiration dates, and other terms and conditions. Getting all of these details straightened out ahead of your trip is much more convenient than running around trying to buy tickets at a store or at the gate.

Bundling with Other Parks

If you’re visiting from outside California, you probably have a long list of theme parks you want to visit. Universal Studios Hollywood and Knott’s Berry Farm are both near DisneylandⓇ Resort, so it’s common for visitors to bundle these tickets. LEGOLANDⓇ California, Six Flags Magic Mountain, and SeaWorldⓇ San Diego are farther away, but it’s still possible to see these parks in the same trip. There are also dozens of smaller local attractions, like zoos and aquariums, across Southern California.

In order to bundle tickets, you need to buy them at the same time from the same seller. This requires a little advance planning, but it’s well worth it, especially if you’re buying tickets for the whole family. The savings add up quickly, and can translate to more money to spend on hotel upgrades and delicious Disney-themed snacks. Keep in mind, though, that not all sellers will bundle all types of tourist attraction tickets.

Bundling with Hotels

Whether you live relatively close by or are coming from across the country, you’ll want to get the best hotel possible. It can be tempting to stay with a friend or local family members in order to keep costs down. However, it’ll be much easier to relax at a hotel at the end of a long day. If you have small kids, they’ll definitely need space to unwind and go to sleep on their own schedule.

Even if you live in the greater Los Angeles area, a hotel near the park will be extremely helpful and a worthwhile treat if you have small children. Navigating Los Angeles public transit or driving in traffic can be draining after a long day at the park, and in peak tourist season, traffic around the parks will be even worse than usual. Consider getting a hotel with a pool for at least one night to allow your family extra time to relax.

Sellers to Avoid

Watch out for social media posts claiming to have free or discount tickets, too! Sometimes these posts are legitimate promotions, but they’re often fake, or require you to sign up for something in order to receive the tickets.

The Most Reliable and Cost-Effective Way to Buy Tickets

With online ticket sales being the most reliable option, the only question remaining is which seller to choose. Some ticket sellers have significant hidden fees, or don’t bundle many types of tickets. Others don’t know that much about the tickets they’re selling.

aRes Travel has the knowledge and experience you need to make your DisneylandⓇ Resort vacation a success. You can call us to get the best discounts possible, including discounts we can’t publish online. Plus, we bundle a wide range of amusement park passes, tourist attraction tickets, and hotels from across Southern California to give you the best vacation package possible.

For special offers, amazing savings on packages and hotels, and some of the lowest prices on travel, call 1 (800) 434-7894 (international callers use +1 (619) 546-5622) to speak with an aRes Travel planning expert seven days a week, or book online now.

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