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Disneyland Main Entrance

What Rides and Attractions are Near the Disneyland Main Entrance?

When you purchase your Disneyland® Resort tickets with aRes Travel, you are choosing one of the world’s greatest, and most expansive theme parks. Disneyland® Resort is home to a collection of over 50 different attractions within 8 themed sections of the park.

Upon entering the gates, visitors walk through Main Street, USA before reaching a roundabout that will take them to Adventureland, New Orleans Square, Critter Country, Frontierland, Fantasyland, Tomorrowland, or Mickey’s Toontown.

For visitors who are looking for a more relaxed day or are short on time, however, there are plenty of rides that are located near the main entrance of the park that will allow you to capitalize on your limited time at Disneyland® Resort.

At aRes Travel, we’ve put together this guide to some of the best can’t miss attractions near to the Disneyland® Resort entrance to help you optimize your time and get the most out of your visit, no matter how short it may be.

Astro Orbiter

Located just inside the gates of Tomorrowland, the Astro Orbiter launches visitors into space in their very own two-passenger rocket.

Revolving around planets and through a galaxy, you have command of your own rocket and just how high you fly will depend on no one but you. Steer yourself higher into the stars by pushing or pulling the lever inside the ship: The universe is at your fingertips!

Inspired by the space-age, these slow-spinning retro rockets are accessible to all heights and ages, making them an excellent choice for families with small children who are trying to get a quick ride or two in during their visit.

Jungle Cruise

Head into the jungle in Adventureland onboard a canopied tramp steamer and journey through the Mekong River, the African Congo, the Nile River, and the Amazon, some of the world’s most impressive and treacherous) waterways.

Age old-shrines, baboons, crocodiles, curious gorillas, bathing elephants, hippos, hungry lions, snoozing zebras, and an enormous anaconda make the Jungle Cruise an unforgettable experience.

Another family favorite that features no height and age limitations, this 10,000-mile journey can be completed in a mere 10 minutes.

Thunder Mountain

Thunder Mountain

Hang on to your hats! When you board Frontierland’s Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, you sign up for a thrilling race up hills, through tunnels, and into cursed caverns on the rickety track of Thunder Mountain.

This thrilling roller-coaster plunges riders under a booming waterfall to just narrowly escape the path of falling boulders.

Located in the convenience of Frontierland, Thunder Mountain puts you in a prime position for experiencing everything the Wild West has to offer in a small amount of time.

Sailing Ship Columbia

Step aboard the recently 110-foot-long Columbia and be prepared to sail through time on a full-scale replica of an 18th-century ship.

As you cruise along, you will be transported back to the time of the real-life Columbia, the first American ship to ever circumnavigate the globe. Below the deck, you will find historical displays that recreate the living conditions of 18th-century sailors.

Located just inside Frontierland, the Sailing Ship Columbia’s 15-minute journey is likely the best, most thrilling means that you’ll find of sailing into the 18th-century wilderness in a pinch.

Another conveniently located ride that features no age and height restrictions, boarding the Columbiana is also a great way to experience more than one section of the park at once, as you’ll have the opportunity to sail through New Orleans Square, Critter Country, and Frontierland all on one ride.

Disneyland® Railroad

Boarding the Disneyland® Railroad is the best option for ensuring you don’t miss a single part of Disneyland® Resort, despite your limited schedule.

This relaxing, 18-minute journey aboard an authentic steam train will take you around the entirety of scenic Disneyland® Resort. The rugged landscapes inspired by the Mississippi River, the Columbia River, the Missouri River, and the Rio Grande are sure to leave you speechless as the meticulously designed lands are complete with natural rock formations, wildlife, and waterfalls.

Indiana Jones™ Adventure

Enter at your own risk! Follow in the footsteps of everyone’s favorite anthropologist turned adventure hero Indiana Jones’s™ as he travels through the cursed Temple of the Forbidden Eye.

Don’t forget to watch out for booby traps as you inspect ancient carvings and brave the perils of Mara, a powerful deity who promises great treasures and certain danger.

Somewhere between fast-paced thrill ride and immersive live-action show, the Indiana Jones’™ Adventure is aptly located in Adventureland, just off of Main Street, USA.

Alice in Wonderland

Drop down the rabbit hole and into the dazzling and nonsensical world of Alice in Wonderland on this dark ride attraction.

No visit to Alice’s Wonderland is complete without a stop at the White Rabbit’s house, Tulgey Wood, and the Queen’s Garden. You will meet The Mad Hatter, Tweedledee and Tweedledum, the Cheshire Cat, and many more of your favorite Alice in Wonderland characters s you escape the Queen of Hearts and race to your very merry “unbirthday” party on this colorful and spectacular ride, conveniently located in Fantasyland.

Mark Twain Riverboat

Mark Twain Riverboat

Steam down the Mississippi on an old-fashioned steam-powered vessel and into the heart of the American frontier.

With sparkling waterfalls, rustic cabins, Native American villages, busy beavers, lounging mountain lions, and the wild wilderness, this authentic reproduction allows you to take a step back to the time of a still untamed and majestic Mississippi River.

Passengers board the ship, a tribute to the beloved American writer Samuel Langhorne Clemens or as he is better known, Mark Twain, in Frontierland, just off of the main drag.

Get Going with aRes Travel

Even for visitors who are short on time, Disneyland® Resort has no shortage of conveniently located and easily accessible thrill rides, family rides, and smooth sailing adventures for the whole family to enjoy.

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